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It’s all messy:
The hair.
The bed.
The words.
The heart.
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Books meme »  Nine female characters [1/9] → Theresa Gray.

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The Architect demo

Spring from Snow demo


Drowning http://wp.me/s2S9ss-drowning

right now i’m
drowning in the avalanche.
its ripples have been following me for weeks, months.


Angry shaking, quaking ground that
rips the balance from my body,
leaves me fetal on the ground.
furiously lost in the depths, with no one to dig me out.

alone in the white-out, terrified that I won’t ever be found

the small selfish spark in me begs your name
to save me from my own heart


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The consequence

I am the product of my experiences.

The long nights spent furiously fearful, understanding too much…

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To the old tree in my front yard that the ice tore apart


Sparrow to Bluebird
Bluebird to home
The winter betrayed you
So I wrote this poem

Years to grow wiser
wiser than I
who puts ink on your skin
to protest that you died

Home for the Bluebirds
please tell the Sparrow
forget not my front yard
So another might grow

I loved you so simply
You never knew me
I’m a romantic
and you were a tree

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